Marquee Vineyards & Winemakers of Anderson Valley

Anderson Valley is just 15 miles long and one mile wide, but this relatively small viticultural area is home to some of Northern California’s most established and well-regarded marquee vineyards. Revered by winemakers and enthusiasts alike, “marquee” vineyards have a particularly high level of prestige due to factors ranging from multiple producers sourcing from them to favorable terrain, drainage, sun exposure, and ideal climate conditions.

One could argue there isn’t a bad vineyard in Anderson Valley, but a few vineyards have sold to producers who helped get the word out about how good Pinot Noir is from our appellation. We’ve highlighted a few of them below.

Anderson Valley’s Marquee Vineyards & The Winemakers Who Source From Them

Because many vineyards in AV are owned by the winery producer and do not sell fruit, wines produced from grapes grown in marquee vineyards tend to be more well-known and often have higher price tags to reflect this. Also called “legacy vineyards” or “heritage vineyards,” these sites play a key role in defining Anderson Valley’s overall winemaking identity.

Many Anderson Valley and Northern California wineries source grapes from these vineyards, and the high-quality red, white, and sparkling wines they produce help raise the vineyards’ profiles and cement their statuses as major players in Anderson Valley’s winemaking scene. 

A few of the most larger, revered and well-known marquee vineyards within the Anderson Valley appellation are Savoy, Deer Meadows, Cerise, Wendling, and Ferrington. Producers from Sonoma and Napa have helped to bring single-vineyard wines from them into the marketplace, which has raised consumer awareness and taught the industry about the unique sense of place the wines from Anderson Valley have.

Savoy Vineyard

Situated northwest of Philo and planted by Rich Savoy in 1991, Savoy Vineyard is one of the most recognizable names in Anderson Valley. The property, which lies at the base of the hills, along the cooler end of the appellation, has sloping terraces that lead down to the Navarro River and an abundance of characteristics favorable for cultivating Pinot Noir and other grape varieties. 

Now owned by the Donum Estate, a highly acclaimed Northern California winery known for single-vineyard, single-appellation wines and sustainable farming practices, Savoy also supplies grapes for use by Breggo Cellars, Williams Selyem, Peay Vineyards, Auteur Wines, FEL Wines, and Littorai Wines, among others.

Famous Savoy Vineyard California

Deer Meadows Vineyard

Another highly acclaimed Anderson Valley heritage vineyard, Deer Meadows has a storied legacy in the region, with the first plantings taking place in 1986. Now owned by Littorai Wines, the small, 8.5-acre organic vineyard also supplies fruit for Texture Wines and Waits-Mast, among other regional winemakers. The marquee vineyard sits atop gently sloping terrain, offering both expansive views of wine country and ideal conditions for cultivating exceptional Pinot Noir grapes. 

Both Savoy and Deer Meadows rose to prominence in part thanks to Rich Savoy’s association with Williams Selyem, a renowned Pinot Noir producer in the region. As a result, both Savoy and Deer Meadows Vineyards have become sought-after sources for superior grapes. 

Cerise Vineyard

This picturesque and remote hillside vineyard overlooking Boonville has many things working in its favor, including growing conditions well-suited for cultivating Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Acquired by the world-class Kosta Browne winery in 2016, Cerise Vineyard has supplied fruit for the likes of Witching Stick, Harmonique, Littorai Wines, Phillps Hill, and Knez wineries, however today grapes primarily are coveted by Kosta Browne and Goldeneye.

Kosta Brown Cerise Vineyard

Wendling Vineyard

The most northwesterly marquee vineyard in the Anderson Valley appellation, this roughly 25-acre, redwood-surrounded “Deep End” Pinot Noir vineyard boasts cool coastal temperatures and optimal drainage, resulting in premium-quality Pinot Noir grapes. Owned by acclaimed vineyard manager Paul Ardzrooni who has built relationships with many boutique wineries, he has opened up the vineyard to select wineries like Drew Wines, Texture Wines, Black Kite Vineyard, Littorai, Reeve Wines, and Cobb Wines.

Cobb Wines Navarro Wendling Vineyard

Ferrington Vineyard

As one of Anderson Valley’s original marquee vineyards, Ferrington Vineyard, situated on about 11.4 acres of the Anderson Valley floor, cultivates grapes for use by the likes of Williams Selyem, Davies Vineyards, Black Kite Cellars, and more. It’s also the estate vineyard for Fathers & Daughters Cellars, owned by the Ferrington Vineyard owner’s daughter Sarah Schoeneman. Known not only for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Gewürztraminer, this site also has producing Sauvignon Blanc vines planted in 1969.

anderson valley vineyard

Several other vineyards that have gained increased recognition over the years by supplying grapes to multiple producers and have presented an opportunity for the expression of terroir to flourish include Wiley Vineyard, Ordway Valley Foothills, Charles Vineyard, and Skycrest Vineyard.

Wiley Vineyard

As one of Anderson Valley’s original Pinot Noir vineyards, Wiley helped place the appellation on the map. Purchased in 1971 by Brad Wiley, who still farms the land today, the vineyard’s Pinot Noir and Riesling grapes have made their way into the bottles of Bravium Wines, Read Holland Wines, Bee Hunter, Woodenhead and Terragena, among other acclaimed California wine producers.

Deep End Wiley Vineyard

Ordway Valley Foothills Vineyard

Another famed Mendocino County heritage vineyard and the largest in Anderson Valley that supplies grapes for multiple producers, Ordway Valley Foothills had its first plantings in 1974. With its fruit featured in fine wines crafted by Navarro Vineyard & Winery, Lula Cellars, Saracina Vineyards, and Phillips Hill and Expression 38 wineries, among others, Ordway has a rich history in the Anderson Valley wine region.

Valley Foothills Vineyard

Charles Vineyard

Planted by Boonville native Bill Charles and his wife, Nancy, this 15-acre legacy vineyard in Boonville supplies fruit for high-end Pinot Noir producers throughout Anderson Valley and Northern California wine country. The site produces Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon varieties in addition to Pinot Noir grapes and supplies them for its own family label, Foursight Wines, as well as Pangloss Cellars, Navarro Vineyards, and Goldeneye Winery, and previously to  Handley Cellars, Papapietro Perry,  and The Withers Wineries, among other Mendocino County wine producers.

charles vineyard boonville

Deep End Vineyards: Abel, Klindt & Hacienda Sequoia

The Deep End has an assortment of vineyards that have become known to many consumers and producers alike. The 8-acre Pinot Noir Klindt Vineyard, planted in 1998 by Bob and Claudia Klindt, who launched the Claudia Springs winery, owned the 20-acre property, house, and garage winery where Milla Handley started in Anderson Valley. Neighboring 11-acre Abel Vineyard, purchased by Mark Wentworth in 2023, was originally planted in 1997 and is located 11 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Producers including Copain, DuPuis, and LIOCO have made this vineyard popular, and Wentworth is excited to add these wines to their portfolio. Hacienda Sequoia is another beloved vineyard organically dry farmed in the Deep End, made famous by Ceritas Wines and Copain, and is now owned by Brashley Vineyards with the fruit going into their estate wines, into Read Holland Wines and into Minus Tide Wine’s very first AV appellation Pinot Noir.

Fall Colors Anderson Valley

Skycrest Vineyard

This high-elevation vineyard set on a hillside above the fog line sits about 18 miles from the California Coast and has become one of the region’s newer sought-after vineyards, helping to differentiate the appellation. Sitting almost 2,000 feet above Boonville, the site’s rocky soil lends itself well to the cultivation of Pinot Noir & Chardonnay grapes, and winemakers of La Crema, Copain, Maggy Hawk, Hartford Court, Siduri, LIOCO, and Lula Cellars, who have all enjoyed making wine from this high elevation coastal California vineyard. Because of the larger size of this site and its location above the fog line, the diversity the site offers from the various vineyard blocks offers an opportunity for unique expression in the wines being made from it.

high elevation skycrest vineyard california

While this list isn’t fully comprehensive of all of the appellations vineyards, these well known vineyards of Anderson Valley showcase the area’s viticultural diversity. In doing so, they enhance the region’s reputation as a premier Mendocino County wine destination while drawing an ever-growing number of enthusiasts from across Northern California and around the world.