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“Something is going on in Anderson Valley, and it’s pretty damn exciting.”

~Alder Yarrow, Vinography

Don’t let the quiet and lack of glamor fool you. California’s Anderson Valley is one of the world’s top regions—and its future will only get brighter.

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Anderson Valley takes Best of Show Sparkling Wine & Best of Show White Wine in 2024!

Immerse yourself in the Anderson Valley wine scene during the annual Pinot Noir Festival

There’s something for nature lovers, wine drinkers, adventure seekers, and everyone in between.

What exactly is a language, and what exactly are words? How do we separate between concepts like language, dialect, lingo, and jargon?

A sparkling superbloom with a refreshed label, Sharffenberger…

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After a crazy but late harvest in Fall 2023, winemakers recovered over the holidays and reflected on what is universally believed to have been a very good growing year.

t all started on a one-hour plane ride from Burbank to Santa Rosa, when the girl next to me from the Northern California…

Your guide to bubbles from California, Oregon and Washington, at every price point and style.

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“I’d been wanting the Breggo brand back for 10 years,” Douglas Stewart said, who named the winery after the word “sheep” in Boontling — an Anderson Valley folk language.

From the redwood forests of beautiful Anderson Valley to the sun-splashed hills of Paso Robles, in California’s North Coast and Central Coast AVAs (American Viticultural Areas)

With 108 wineries spread across 12 approved American Viticultural Areas (AVAs), Mendocino County is not easy to capture.

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With a long, illustrious career as a key varietal in Champagne, pinot noir is no stranger to being stripped of its purple skin, the…

Fish Friendly Farming (FFF) has a nice ring to it. It sounds like good sense—guidelines for how farmers, vintners, and everyone…

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The Anderson Valley started out as an area known for aromatic white wines, but ever since winemakers…

Tickets are now on sale for Anderson Valley’s 17th annual Winter White Wine Weekend February 17-18, 2024, a celebration of white wine, sparkling, rosé and more throughout the valley.

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Tickets for the 2024 Pinot Noir Festival go on sale in early September 2023 and sell out quickly—particularly…

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There are many festivals and wine events targeted at pinot noir lovers, but none are quite like Anderson Valley’s Pinot Noir Festival, which…

Situated in the heart of scenic Mendocino County, this bucolic valley boasts a rich winemaking history that dates to the 19th century. Known for…

It’s been called a “no-brainer”…but very few vineyards are doing it. Kathleen Willcox reports on a move which improves water use and also quality.

Most wine producers believe that tilling is necessary to aerate the ground, but taking a hands-off approach can improve soil health, strengthen root systems and fight climate change.

Welcome to a world of rich heritage and unique flavors at Gowan’s Cider, where tradition meets innovation in every sip.

Sip, Savor, and Indulge – A Guide to Wine Tasting in Anderson Valley

Jamie Goode Wine Blog

Jason Drew is based just outside the Anderson Valley, on the Mendocino Ridge, about a mile west from the valley. It’s a beautiful spot, and on a chilly but sunny March day it was a good place to be.

About two hours north of San Francisco is an unspoiled area beckoning to be explored and discovered. Decompress, and enjoy nature’s beauty all the while experiencing world-class wines, lodging, and cuisine, plus the incomparable beauty of nature.

Weaving along the picturesque Highway 128 in Mendocino County, is the Anderson Valley, whose wines rival that of Napa and Sonoma – California’s most famous wine growing regions.

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Northern California’s Mendocino Coast might be known for its wine, but there’s so much more to discover in this stunning region.

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In 1982, Jean-Claude Rouzeau – the CEO of Champagne Roederer – was sent to look at the wild west of California, and he ended up in the Anderson Valley.

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In 1982, Jean-Claude Rouzeau – the CEO of Champagne Roederer – was sent to look at the wild west of California, and he ended up in the Anderson Valley.

Jamie Goode Wine Blog

The most celebrated Pinots from the Anderson Valley are probably Ted Lemon’s Littorai bottlings. The Anderson Valley makes around half of Littorai’s production, with the rest coming from various sites in Sonoma.

Jamie Goode Wine Blog

A boutique winery started by Wells Guthrie, I first came across them as part of the In Pursuit of Balance movement.

Jamie Goode Wine Blog

Jason Drew is based just outside the Anderson Valley, on the Mendocino Ridge, about a mile west from the valley. It’s a beautiful spot, and on a chilly but sunny March day it was a good place to be.

Wine Country Sonoma Magazine

Spend three perfect days tasting wine, eating great food and taking in the beautiful landscape of this rural region.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

I consider myself lucky to have discovered California’s Anderson Valley early in my wine journey. To me, the region is less a hidden gem and more a hard-to-find gem, neatly tucked away in the folds and crevices of the Pacific coastal landscape.

Northern California’s Mendocino Coast might be known for its wine, but there’s so much more to discover in this stunning region.

In most regions of the world, industrialisation has dethroned the once-mighty foot in wine production.

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10 American Wine Regions That Deserve More Recognition*

When you go to pick up an American Pinot Noir, chances are you’re looking for a region known for high-quality bottles…Well, Anderson Valley deserves to be ranked among the rest of this category’s major players.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Motor on Mendocino*

If you’re like me, taking a road trip always involves a tangent- in this case, into Anderson Valley. Driving through the AVA- a twisty, turny, hilly operation- there are loads of stops for Pinot Noir.

Explore Some of My Favorite Wineries in Anderson Valley*

Tucked away in the coastal region of Mendocino County, just 110 miles northwest of San Francisco, lies Anderson Valley…

Forbes Magazine

Mendocino is always enchanting no matter how much you have traveled. Mendocino is also blessed by its proximity to the Anderson Valley, just inland…

Forbes Magazine

An Anderson Valley Adventure*

…This divine wine region, just inland from the Mendocino coast, has long been a gem. Its wines, both mostly small production and some…

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…Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Fest online wine auction and tasting to benefit skatepark project and local fire department

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Michael J. Martin Managed Missions to Mars. Now, He’s Pouring Wine In Mendocino

Michael J. Martin…one of only two people on planet Earth to manage three missions to Mars for NASA…started pouring wines at Husch.

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Hit the North*

Premium California winegrowers are planting grapes further north, pushed on by global warming and the search for affordable…

The Napa Valley Register

Dan Berger On Wine: Beaune in the USA*

Several invisible contradictions are at the heart of the long-emerging wine region of Anderson Valley, where recently the greatness of…

Sonoma County Bohemian Newspaper

There’s so much to love about the Anderson Valley year-round, but spring is an especially delightful time of year…

Vinography Blog

Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival: May 19-21, Philo, CA*

Normally I’d begin this kind of posting with a reminder about the slightly obscure, off-the-radar nature of Anderson Valley, but at…

Forbes Magazine

If You Love Pinot Noir, Buy Tickets to the Anderson Valley Pinot Fest*

The secret is out: Some of California’s very best Pinot Noir grows in the lush, cool-climate Anderson Valley…

The San Francisco Chronicle

Top Anderson Valley Wineries- The best tasting rooms to visit*

Like the early days of Napa Valley’s wine boom, tasting rooms are casual and unassuming. There are no crowds, no tour buses and…

The San Francisco Chronicle

On a chilly, stormy day at Wendling Vineyard, Romelia Fernandez ladles hot posole from an enormous cauldron into colorful…

The San Francisco Chronicle

This undiscovered wine region is the affordable alternative to Napa*

Before Napa and Sonoma became big-name, luxurious tourist destinations, they looked and felt a lot like Anderson Valley: quieter and rural

The San Francisco Chronicle

Gorgeous white wines were this region’s claim to fame. What happened?*

Deborah Cahn and Ted Bennett moved to Anderson Valley in 1973 with a mission. They were going to make Gewurztraminer.

The San Francisco Chronicle

Locals want to keep it secret — but at what cost?*

Johnny Schmitt, owner of the historic Boonville Hotel, has spent the past 38 years expecting  Anderson Valley to go mainstream.

The San Francisco Chronicle

There are two main reasons that people pull over at Disco Ranch on their way through the rural, quarter-mile stretch of downtown Boonville

Exploring California’s Anderson Valley Wine Region*

Price and quality are highly correlated… One of the best examples of an American wine region that consistently delivers world-class wines…

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Anderson Valley remains a haven for remarkable white wines*

Pinot noir now dominates the area, but some wineries still make the varieties that put the region on the map.

Forbes Magazine

Get Your Tickets For The 16th Annual Anderson Valley White Wine Weekend Now*

It’s one of the best, yet still under-the-radar wine events in California…I love the structure and setup of this festival, which doesn’t have guests waiting in line at tents to taste.

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In a Northern California wine region known mostly for its Pinot Noir and sparkling wines, another variety–Riesling–took the spotlight during a seminar and wine tasting on Feb. 22.

Frattey & Frattey Shams of Anderson Valley*

On a leisurely drive from Napa Valley to the hills of Anderson Valley along scenic highway 128, views of old oak trees, vineyards, and…

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A Sparkling Wine Tasting Tour of Mendocino County

Among the earliest varieties picked were the grapes destined for sparkling wines. In Mendocino County…

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The World’s Most Underrated Wine Regions

Jason Wilson set out to try the world’s nearly 1,400 types of wine grapes you haven’t heard of—a quest that took him to these regions…

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Raise a toast to Anderson Valley’s inaugural Harvest Festival in Mendocino*

.This October 21st to 23rd, Anderson Valley extends their welcome to one and all at the Harvest Tidrick.

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Anderson Valley Harvest Tidrick*

Courtney DeGraff and Joslyn Thoresen from the Anderson Valley Harvest Tidrick Celebration are our guests on California Wine Country today.

Wine Spectator Magazine

40 Years of Roederer Estate

The California sparkling wine producer remains one of the best and most consistent on the West Coast

Food & Wine Magazine

Discover All That California’s Sparkling Wine Has to Offer On This New Tour

California’s best bubbles are crisp, dry, delicious, and highly underrated.

WSJ Wine Reviews

Top Wine Travel: Outstanding Value and Pinot Noir in California’s Anderson Valley

IF YOU WANT to travel back to a time when it was easy and cheap to taste good California wine, I have some advice: Go to Anderson Valley.

WSJ Wine Reviews

Where to Find Exceptional California Pinot Noir

The answer: at the end of a hair-raising drive in a remote region called Anderson Valley, where the conditions are ideal for producing world-class Pinot.

WSJ Wine Reviews

Where to Find Champagne-Quality Sparkling Wine in California

When Champagne Louis Roederer set up shop in California’s Anderson Valley four decades ago, it was a bold move. It’s paid off with delicious wines and a bit of a sparkling boomlet in the valley.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Introducing Anderson Valley, California’s Hidden Hillside Beauty of Pinot Noir*

Tucked between the rugged ridges and redwood trees of Mendocino CountyAnderson Valley has a well-deserved reputation for wine quality thanks to pioneering wineries like…


New Tasting Rooms, an Inn Amid Redwoods: Where to Sip and Stay in Anderson Valley

Jennifer Waits and Brian Mast attended their first Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival more than 20 years ago…

Vinography Blog

Poised for Greatness: Tasting The Evolution of Anderson Valley*

Mendocino’s Anderson Valley might have eked out a bit more mindshare in the brains of wine lovers…

7x7 Magazine Site

Make a Wine Weekend of it during Anderson Valley’s Pinot Month*

Full of wine, redwoods, and fresh coastal air, Anderson Valley’s Pinot Noir Festival is historically one of the best weekends…

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Misconception That Riesling Doesn’t Sell: Advocates at Anderson Valley Festival Say Riesling Wins Young Drinkers*

Riesling took the spotlight during a seminar and wine tasting on Feb. 22…

Edible Marin & Wine CountryMagazine

Slow Down and Stay A While*

The Anderson Valley, has, over the past decade become a destination in and of itself…

Jancis Robinson

Anderson Valley – Not To Be Overlooked

How could one resist a wine district with its own dialect..

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

40 Under 40 Tastemaker 2019 Sarah Cahn Bennett, 39

Sarah Cahn Bennet, owner of Pennyroyal Farm & General Manager of Navarro Vineyards…

Wine Spectator Magazine

California Pinot Noir’s Top Terroirs

A guide to the regions producing the state’s top bottlings of this in-demand red…

Press Democrate News

Bear Eating Pinot Noir Grapes at Navarro Vineyards Caught on Video

A Mendocino County vineyard has gotten the help of an unusual taste-tester…

Robb Report Press

The Next Best Weekend Wine Tour: Mendocino

Anderson Valley is producing some of California’s cutting-edge Pinot Noirs…

Food & Wine Magazine

14 of the Anderson Valley’s Most Delicious Wines

Whether you’re sampling in the tasting rooms along the Anderson Valley’s Highway 128, or finding bottles online…

Afar Magazine

This Laid-Back Wine Region Is All About Pinot, Redwoods, and Apples

Rich reds, bright whites, and delicious plates: a hidden wine enclave…

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Top Five Pinot Noir Vineyards in California’s Anderson Valley

The 15-mile-long valley sits just 10 miles from the cool, blustery Pacific Coast…

Forbes Magazine

5 Reasons to Visit the Anderson Valley Now

In recent years the Anderson Valley has become a full-fledged destination in its own right…

The Napa Valley Register

The Anderson Valley Winter White Wine Festival Full of Delights*

I was here for the ultimate palate refresher in the form of the Anderson Valley Winter White Wine Festival…

Wine Spectator Magazine

Coastal Conquest

California Pinot Noir is exploding in popularity and quality, with diverse sites and winemaking approaches…

The San Francisco Chronicle

The Ultimate Anderson Valley Winery Bucket List

Anderson Valley wineries are the destinations themselves, offering world-class wines and awe-inspiring vistas…

The San Francisco Chronicle

Anderson Valley’s Top Tasting Rooms for Aromatic White Wines*

A stealth revolution has been taking place in Anderson Valley on the aromatic white-wine side…

WSJ Wine Reviews

Uncorking the Perfect Long Weekend in California’s Anderson Valley

The wineries, restaurants and unspoiled landscapes of the pocket-size valley are a sip away from San Francisco…

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